Our Story

The Beginning

Our family have been working on the land for over four generations.

Sean started helping his parents Mollie and Michael Fitzgerald at aged 6.

Fitzgerald Family on the Farm
Deidre and Sean

a cheese takes shape

Fast forward 35 odd years later, Deidre and Sean opened a new chapter for their little farm in the hills of Cratloe in County Clare, a little hobby began to churn into something special. 

As this was totally new terrain for Deidre and Sean, they painstakingly pored over every aspect of the cheese crafting process, travelling to the England, Netherlands and France to learn from the best in the world in order to bring their individuality and passion to their own quality cheese.

our story today

Proud of their flock of sheep, and acutely aware of the overly processed nature of so much cheese on the market.

Together they continually deliver a supreme cheese, with diligence and care that crucially is full of flavour, which they are proud to serve their children.

Sean and Deirdre